MacLennan Imaging Ltd

MacLennan Imaging

A small company specialising in police use of CCTV.

About us

MacLennan Imaging was established as a company in 2011 and specialises in creating guidance documents, reports and training, detailing recommended good practice. Its director has worked with the government on policy and procedure regarding police use of CCTV for over 15 years and has a doctorate in Image Science.

The company’s key business areas are in police use of imagery, particularly CCTV and related technologies such as body-worn video and video analytics. We have been involved in many aspects of this arena covering the entire life cycle from capture through integrity, suitability, court use and eventual destruction.We are currently highly involved with technology changes within the CCTV industry and the adoption of ISO 17025 / ISO 17020 within policing.

We have a proven track record of designing trials, writing guidance and delivering bespoke training across various areas of policing. Recent trials included producing a dataset to facilitate the evaluation of speed estimation techniques for forensic collision investigation units.

MacLennan Imaging has successfully collaborated or led projects with various police forces across UK policing and policing Scotland. We have also worked with various companies and universities across the UK including CAST, Qinetic, NPIA, CoP, PSNI, Dorset Police, MPS, University of Westminster and others. Documentation and training created and delivered during these projects is referenced worldwide and we have been involved in various EU Horizon 2020 projects and provided bespoke training in the Middle East.

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