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  • ACPO –¬†Association of Chief Police Officers
  • Analogue –¬†Not digital ūüôā
  • AVI –¬†Audio Visual Interleave
    • A multimedia file format for storing sound and moving pictures developed by Microsoft. An AVI file can use different codecs and formats so there is no set format for an AVI file, unlike VCD video, for example, video which sets a standard for resolution, bitrates, and codecs used. The term AVI is frequently used to denote any general widely-recognised movie file format.
  • AVR –¬†Analogue Video Recorder
    • now largely replaced the analogue video recorder multiplexes multiple video streams and stores them on video tape, usually on VHS or SVHS video tape.
  • Bluetooth –¬†Short range wireless link
    • Commonly used to connect related pieces of equipment.
  • BluRay –¬†Optical disc storage format
  • CCTV –¬†Closed Circuit Television, can be privately or publicly owned
  • CD –¬†Compact Disc
  • Composite video
    • See CVBS.
  • CVBS –¬†Chroma, Video, Blanking and Syncs
    • A single channel colour analogue signal, also known as composite video.
  • DV –¬†Digital video recording format
    • Now more common as mini DV – a smaller form factor, an International standard for consumer use.
  • DVCPro –¬†Professional digital video format introduced by Panasonic
  • DVD –¬†Digital Versatile Disc
  • DVR –¬†Digital Video Recorder
  • FireWire –¬†High speed data link
    • Apple’s brand name for the IEEE1394 High Performance Serial Bus for connecting devices to a computer, developed by Apple computers.
  • i-Link –¬†High speed data link
    • Sony’s name for FireWire.
  • IEEE 1394 –¬†High speed data link
  • IP –¬†Internet protocol
  • .JPEG, .jpeg, .jpg –¬†Joint photographic experts group
  • Master – Original copy of the data
    • This is the original copy that is sealed either physically or electronically
  • mjpg –¬†A type of video codec
  • mpeg –¬†Motion picture experts group, also a style of video compression.
  • MPEG2 –¬†A type of video codec
  • NTSC –¬†National Television System Committee
  • PAL –¬†Phase Alternate Line
    • Video colour coding standard adopted for television in the UK and most other EU countries using 625 lines and 25 frames per second.
  • SVHS –¬†Super VHS
    • A professional version of VHS.
  • USB –¬†Universal Serial Bus
  • VGA –¬†Video Graphics Array
    • Refers to both a resolution format for digital monitors and the cables & connectors used.
  • VHS –¬†Video Home System

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