MacLennan Imaging Ltd

MacLennan Imaging

A small company specialising in police use of CCTV.

iPhone Apps

Currently most of these apps are being updated due to upgrades and changes in the IOS operating system. We will re instate them as soon as time permits.

The apps currently under review are:
  • CCTVDateCalc - calculates the time offset between the time displayed on a CCTV system and the current time.
  • FOVCalc - given the distance to target, sensor size and desired image height will calculate the lens length required
  • FSPLCalc - calculates the free space path loss of a radio signal and gives advice on transmitter or antenna gain.
  • BatCalc - calculates the operating time for a battery deployed outside given the area of the UK and the time of year.
Screenshots will be re-instated as the apps are updated.