MacLennan Imaging Ltd

MacLennan Imaging

A small company specialising in police use of CCTV.

Other publications

One of the main publications we have been involved in is the Operational Requirements manual which sets out the methodology of specifying a CCTV system so that it will perform the functions required of it. We have also been involved in creating less in depth versions of this publication targeting specific instalation types such as small shops and licensed premises.

We have also produced in house publications covering various aspects of CCTV use around such topics as the best environment in which to deploy a video analytics system and an analysis of various techniques to estimate vehicle speed from CCTV imagery.

We were also recently commisioned to evaluate a device to measure frame intervals of CCTV systems that could be deployed in gthe field on 3rd party systems.

We have also published several academic papers on various aspects of digital image quality and CCTV.