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MacLennan Imaging

A small company specialising in police use of CCTV.

Retrieval of CCTV

Retrieval of Video Evidence and Production of Working Copies from Digital CCTV Systems v2.0 was published in 2008, and whilst it does not comprehensively cover some of the technologies that are commonplace today the principles and methods it outlines are still relevant and accurate. The document seeks to act as guide to good practice when retrieving CCTV for evidential purposes.

The Retrieval doc as it is more commonly known covers all aspects of CCTV retrieval and forms the basis of the CoP Core Skills CCTV training, more dertails of which can be found here.

An Adobe pdf copy of the document can be downloaded from this link

This document is currently under review by the NPCC Specialist Capabilities team and publication of an updated version is expected in early 2021.